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Lil Stinkers is my Thesis Film for DePaul University. I molded the characters with clay and edited them with Photoshop.

These little guys are from an unfinished project, Mr.Scribbles and the Quest for the Remote. I plan on cooking up a lot more monsters for this one. 

_MHA Mr.Scribbles logo.png

Here are some characters I did in the style of the Adult Swim show Smiling Friends, including redesigns of their characters. Hope they make you smile :)

Smiling Friends

The Trashcan Kidz are a ragtag group of trash characters that live in Trashville and get up to all sorts of adventures. These characters were made in Illustrator.

_MHA TCK logo_edited_edited.png

Other Characters

These characters are from Rocks: An Observational Study, Fun with Leters, Muffins, and Danny Bleachers 

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